I have an appointmenttomorrowat the ophthalmologistand they calledjust to tell meyes they’d be dilating my pupils.Am I a problem patientthat they had to callto tell me this?I don’t recallscreaming in the lobbythat I was no longer ableto see clearlyto text, read, tweet, etc.Maybethey’re just niceI thinkas I pay my $60online ahead of time.


I spentlike 15 minutesambling through the housestepping on Legogoing through each roomthree hundredtwenty sixtimeslookingand anyone watching meas I did thisat my lowest unspeedthrough the windowsor the Alexaor the wifi camerascould be forgivenfor thinkingI was looking for brainsinstead of my sunglasses.

2/27/21 + 2/28/21

Post Malone remixedOnly Wanna Be With Youwho asked for thisit was fine in 1992I’m in aget off my lawnmoodfinnaget to my bedsoonon a come down3 win pubg duos.I guess I can’t really rapto this brillion.drowsybut it’s a fine lullabyeBye.- this was written at 2:04am on Sunday – 2/28/21 but that’s Saturday night for mePost midnight …


TonightI’m not feeling thisand 3 words sounds about right.Watched Hot Ones with Kennan Thompsonand it just made me feel oldhad a discussion last nightwith my friendthat really made me feellike we are oldand the world is startingto move on from usbecause he was complainingabout safe spacesthe way MY old peopleprobably complainedabout compact discs.