Plaxico Burress indicted on weapons charge

Plaxico Burress, former New York Giants receiver, indicted on weapons charge but Antonio Pierce not indicted – ESPN.

So, sure, I don’t want people running around with guns that aren’t registered, or with guns at all, you know? So *I* don’t get shot. However, this dumb fucker shot HIMSELF in the thigh and lost his job playing a game. Isn’t that bad enough? They gotta maybe put him in jail for this? Yeah, I get it. He could’ve maybe shot someone ELSE. And as a rich and recognizable person, he should maybe invest in some security instead of a gangsta rap video equipped handgun in his boxers’ waistband. But he didn’t pop anyone else.

I wonder, if he’d shot himself in the dick, would that have made people more lenient? I really think this is a case of people being happy to fuck a famous person. This is the perfect time to use this guy. Send him to schools to teach kids a lesson. He’s going to be that guy the gets a train run on him in prison. “What’d you do?” ” I was in a club and I shot myself in the leg…” “Ok, bitch, turn around.”

They should run that poll on ESPN. Would the court have gone easier on Burress if he’d shot himself in the dick or buttocks (buttocks might give some of the Forrest Gump sympathy)?

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