I spentlike 15 minutesambling through the housestepping on Legogoing through each roomthree hundredtwenty sixtimeslookingand anyone watching meas I did thisat my lowest unspeedthrough the windowsor the Alexaor the wifi camerascould be forgivenfor thinkingI was looking for brainsinstead of my sunglasses.


TonightI’m not feeling thisand 3 words sounds about right.Watched Hot Ones with Kennan Thompsonand it just made me feel oldhad a discussion last nightwith my friendthat really made me feellike we are oldand the world is startingto move on from usbecause he was complainingabout safe spacesthe way MY old peopleprobably complainedabout compact discs.


It was a good dayin that it went quickand there was much clicking on things and talking to people. A friend called at the end of the day and was sad about his fatherwho’d run out of coveragefor a nurse to help clean him daily.My friend started with”Well, I need a shower.”but he’s one of […]


I thought I’d lostthe notebook I’m writing inmaybe at the cancer centerwhen I took my girlfriend.I was like, whatwould these peopletrying not to diethink about my notes on DNSor the shitty Batman doodles?Huge reliefwhen I found the notebookin the car’s center consolebut I thought maybeI should lose something againsomeday.