I finally got to my drafting table
to clean up the bag of things 
I chose to bring
from my father's house
after he died.
I found what I'm certain
is a receipt
from the sort of side hustle lotteries
Latinos run alongside
the real lottery
and it had sevens everywhere
and he played it on my birthday.
I don't remember 
making that distinction
for this piece of paper
but I'm glad I kept it
and I hope I remember it
because it made me feel loved
and thought of by him
even though he is gone.

I guess this
is a receipt
for that receipt.

I put that and the other things
in 3 folders in my filing cabinet
and I labeled them

Under that
I found the nice things 
Chris sent me
and I will drink the booze
and I put his kind words
and urgings
in the folder labeled

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