Eat N Run

Eat N Run

Orange haired
potato sack tricepped
bullhorn mouthed
Keeper of the cafe con leche.

She calls for hellfire
on the skinny Brazilian
who trundles over
to make the toast
(with or without cheese)
(provolone, Swiss, or American)

She rolls her eyes
at him
frowns her head
at the cameras
hanging from the ceiling
shows off
her freckled hot swollen hands
curses a fan
that should be there
cooling her off
threatens to leave
doesn’t need this.

This is how
she winds up
to slow down
makes it like waiting
for the dentist.

The empty spinning cages
of the hot dog ferris wheel
clink the seconds away.
Someone quits
the line.
She beams
a victory smile.

Brave black dude
makes it to the front.
Speaks to her in English.
Wears an Indiana Jones hat
but forgot his whip.
Doesn’t realize
he’s in
The Temple of Coffee Doom.

She wags her finger at him
trying to wipe his english
from the air.

I translate for him
for all of us

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