Scavenger Hunt

I came home after the lady tonight and as I opened the mailbox and thought to myself, “Sonuvabitch, this woman never gets the mail when she gets here first.” I found a sheet with 2 clues. Boy am I an asshole, I thought after all was said and done.

Clue 1 read:
I’m topped by a weathered fellow who’s not quite yellow. Tucked away so that my only view is that of a gray furried hue. Where am I?

Clue 2 read:
It’s night where I lie, at least I think. Kin to those who also sleep. Shut away till a new day. Where am I?

The answer to clue 1: Gift # 1, was under our very old and weathered-not-white-anymore couch. The package had a nice view of the rabbit cage to the South. Well, done, woman. Very well done. The gift was a woot shirt. It’s a picture of 3 red robins, except one of them has a Batman mask and cape. The caption for this shirt on the woot website is: Don’t call me Robin.

The answer to clue 2: Gift # 2, was in Christina’s shirt drawer. The idea was that it’s always dark in there, so the shirts don’t know if it’s day or night. I was supposed to realize that the second clue could also be a shirt, and subsequently KIN to the shirts elsewhere in the house. This took me longer as I always feel weird going into women’s drawers. Well, their dresser drawers anyway. The gift inside the plastic bag is a shirt with Doc Brown’s time traveling Delorean crashing into Dr. Who’s Tardis.

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