Sentence of the Week

Every week, I get a sentence from my friend and I have to write about it for four minutes. When he gave it to me this week, I thought it was going to be fun to work on later on. I mean, a horse! And he’s ALONE! Who was riding him? Maybe there was a satchel on him with so many clues. Or a messenger bag. Maybe the horse had a gatling gun on its back. Anyway, here’s the sentence: The horse came back alone.

I think what that phrase means to me this week is that the people I play videogames with forgot for a second that we’re just playing a videogame. There was this guy, this really funny and cool as shit guy in our community who could do a hell of a Christopher Walken impression. Among other things. And this guy’s nephew got on his computer and installed some hacks and got his uncle’s account banned from the videogame on some other people’s server. And we told him he couldn’t wear our colors anymore. Couldn’t fly our flag. Couldn’t wear our tag. This guy, who all he has done is make people laugh.

This guy who was never that good of a player. Who came in from time to time because he cared about people. Cause he wanted to see where everyone was.

What the fuck? He never hacked us. His only mistake was to trust his nephew. I hope everyone who voted against him has their nephews install hacks on their computers. I hope they all get banned. I hope they all have to sit there with their dicks in their hands wondering how their supposed friends could do them dirt like this.

I feel like the fucking horse who came back alone. Me and two other guys anyway.

Yeah, this week’s assignment sucked.

But I wasn’t in the mood for it.

And I had to do it.

Fuck you, page.

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