Writober 10-12-2019-Dragon

“Dada! Come look!” he screamed through the bathroom door. Not in fear or shock, just excited. I turned off my phone and finished my business. He stood there looking up at me when I opened the door. “Come on,” and he walked into his room. 

“I found an iguana,” and he pointed to the base of his cabinet. On top of one of his red sneakers, I saw the small lizard. “How did it even get in here?” 

“Wow,” and I crouched, fearing my knees. “Dude, I think maybe that’s a dragon.”

“Ha!” and he shook his head, stomped past me. The dragon made a move and I stopped my son.

“Gotta go slow, dude. And even then, no one has ever caught a dragon.” 

It looked at us, eyes locked as its body slowly adjusted for a move in a direction away from us. It had seen humans before. 

“Watch,” I said, “This is how you catch a dragon.” I took the box he uses to cover the blinking light from his electric toothbrush when it charges at night. I moved slowly toward the red shoe and the massive creature atop it. I failed, for all of humanity, once again, to catch a dragon. 

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