A thing in my left hip will pop sometimes. It seems like the sort of thing that would happen with my old GI Joe toys, when the rubber band inside, the one that kept the hips and the torso and the legs together, would go wonky. And my left knee, it fills up with sadness sometimes. I don’t remember the last time I knelt, not because I don’t believe in gods, but because I feel so ancient. Then there’s the walking, which brings heavy breathing, which I’m trying to take care of by walking more often. I’ve bought bluetooth earbuds. You know. Because maybe that will help me. With the walking. Even though they have nothing to do with feet and health. I’m depressed so I spent the money. I do all this work and god damn it, if I want to buy some earbuds that will sit in their charging case on my dresser with the 3 white blinking lights, then I’ll fucking do it. 

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