Writober 10-9-2019-Swing

Earlier, I thought I gonna write a whole rap song about swinging for the fences because of today’s word. Five hours after not being able to figure out why my computer takes like 10 minutes to boot into Windows, I just wanted to swing my brand new computer into the garage door. But I didn’t. I got some Windex and cleaned the glass side panel because I fingerprinted it to hell. Also, it’s really heavy and I’d need to rig something to the roof in the garage in order to “swing” this thing ANYwhere. Either way, it’s working now, aside from that 10 minutes to boot thing, and I hope I don’t need to restart it and do something quickly anytime soon. I guess I’ll try reinstalling Windows this weekend and resetting the bios to defaults. That’s gonna be a huge pain in the ass because I’m just wondering if this shit is just gonna happen again. Part of me is thinking that’s what I get for going with AMD and fancy tiny hard drives and water cooling. I shoulda stuck with my gerbil wheel and fire stick. Damn you, technology.

fuckin’ swing, what tha fackĀ 

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