Writober 10-02-2019 – Mindless

I got to this late today, so I’m typing in bed, which is physically awkward. I got my legs raised up and the bottom of the laptop is against my legs. Screen is tilted down toward me and I can see the letters pop up on the screen at this weird angle. But this is the only way the keys feel good to bang on.  My girlfriend glances over every so often, away from 90 Day Fiance on her own laptop. I’m throwing that show in because the word for today is “mindless”. It’s weird writing with an audience over there. And the laptop can’t breathe right like this. I feel it getting warm through the covers. Is it covers even if it’s one actual cover? I feel it getting warm through the cover. That doesn’t sound right because then I feel like someone might ask about a laptop cover. I don’t know what’s going on over on her laptop with the show but someone is moving around a lot. I hope one of these brain challenged couples is beating each other to death. 

SPEAKING OF BEATING EACH OTHER TO DEATH! One of my cousins got stabbed by his girlfriend. And apparently it’s the second time she does it. TO HIM. Not like she stabbed someone else. He put himself in a position to get stabbed by the same chick twice. He also got kicked by a horse once and it fucked up his kidney or liver or something. One of the organs where if you lose it, you’re basically diabetic. I told his brother, “Man, he can’t be killed by bitches or horses.” He’s kind of a fuck up, but at this point, the previous statement about him is true. But if a bitch on a horse comes for that mindless motherfucker, he might be out of luck.

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