Things I miss about my ride:

It was low and it looked slow
sometimes it the front end would scrape
on concrete parking space ends
and it was upsetting but also
hey, the car was the right height.

It punched forward, clunked through gears
the rear sliding then grabbing then propelling
smell of rubber
the sound of it, again low, almost underground,
and then still guttural but loud anger at the sky
knowing the neighbors were probably wtf'ing
my son smiling, his face splitting, but his mouth
saying no no no this is bad.

The dead eyed round headlights that somehow search for something to consume.

It must be what riding a rabid demonic lion would feel like
if demons and rabies in lions were real.
I haven't looked those things up.
I'm trying to catch up
in my sterile Ford Edge ST.

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