It was a good day
in that it went quick
and there was much clicking on things
and talking to people.
A friend called at the end
of the day and was sad about his father
who'd run out of coverage
for a nurse to help clean him daily.
My friend started with
"Well, I need a shower."
but he's one of those
who calls and then has to go.
So he did.

So I started my walk
and called my dad
who relayed his statement to his oncologist
that he's not doing bad
but he's not doing good
and the doctor said the right things
they are trying
and hoping.

If the doc was in office
it'd be thoughts and prayers

My dad said he'd leave a note
on the table if he died
but that he wasn't planning to do so
until he won the Lotto
because he'd played it
since the day it started
the same numbers
and those millions were his.
He laughed
like he did the day before
when I told him to tell the doctor
that he should be feeling like 80
but felt like 90.

I would've slumped and cried
against that tree
but for the two dudes pointing
at a house and
I think they were discussing
the landscape
and they parted like that
red fucking sea
giving me my 6 feet
letting the walk continue.
What do I say to my dad
but yeah
and when he says I love you my son
in English
all I can think is please
not tonight
not tonight.

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