2/27/21 + 2/28/21

Post Malone remixed
Only Wanna Be With You
who asked for this
it was fine in 1992
I'm in a
get off my lawn
get to my bed
on a come down
3 win pubg duos.
I guess I can't really rap
to this brillion.drowsy
but it's a fine lullabye

- this was written at 2:04am
on Sunday - 2/28/21
but that's Saturday night for me

Post midnight is night
not morning
not until the light kisses
and a cock a doodle doo
blesses that orangey red dawn
into rising
if you're making love in that dark
it's good night baby
and if there's light out
it's a hunt
for waffles or pancakes
dark to night
and bright to light
and the dew on the trees
and sidewalks
flies into the sun
shimmery translucent vampires.

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