Went to friends' house today.
Good people 
who treat the virus
with respect. 
Went mostly
for my son
so he could play
with their daughters.
It's been a rough year for him
with his stupid mother and father.
Their cat hunted
a squirrel in a tree.
The kids scooted
biked, played war 
with foam swords
and lay Lego traps for us
though I'm sure
that's just them
being messy.
We had pizza and beer.
In the dark
we wiggled to keep
mosquitoes from attaching to flesh
and in the small rear hatch 
of my SUV
my son sang Dance Monkey
while one of the girls danced
in there with him.
She hit her head once
but kept right on moving.
I gotta say
it was a good day.

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