They gave him to me
I didn't even have to sign
and I strapped him in.
Kal El into the rocket
right around 2pm
not quite late enough yet 
for bad traffic
West on the 112
but the sun is up there
putting that July haze
on everything.
Melting paper.
Helped mom out the wheelchair
into the front seat
and the hospital people disappeared
into sliding doors-wooooosh.
There should've been a cold mist.
Drove slow at first
and my dumb brain got the better of me
as I pinballed around the slow people
like there wasn't a treasure 
back in the baby seat.
Couple weeks later
I laughed at my dad
who didn't want to carry him
afraid of a drop
and then
she said yeah well
you haven't carried him much either.
She was right.
Scarier than speeding
through the bath salt eating
moribund Miami drivers.

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