Today’s word suuuuuucks. Husky is either a dog, a brand of some kind, I forget if it’s pants or tools (just looked it up, it’s a tool brand at Home Depot), or you know, fat. Maybe I can say it like hoo sky? Or something that is too much of a husk or of husking? Corn husking? That may not be a thing. I think that’s shucking. Pretty sure Nebraska’s college football team is the corn huskers. Anyway, I’m really bombing here but it doesn’t matter because no one is reading this aside from poor Chris. I’m sorry, dude. This is the price you pay for having challenged me to write every day. Hey, at least it’s not super depressing again. 

Only thing I got here is people in Florida with huskies, I just don’t get that. Poor frickin’ animal is not made for the weather down here. I get it, I want a wolf as a pet, too. I enjoyed Game of Thrones just like you fools. But camman, get a goldfish. When the oceans rise, it can just swim out to sea. Wait, actually, I think it will die in the salt water. 

Get a barracuda, then.

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