Enchanted is cold to me
because winter has no teeth in Florida
it's the chapped lips early
splitting when the cafe con leche hits them
but around 10am
you're in the sun in a t shirt
the sky is clear blue
and at night you drive with the windows down
maybe you crank some In the Air Tonight
if you're old like me.

Enchanted is on a boat
the sunset rocking the water
to Kool and the Gang's Summertime
the breeze whispering away
the too strong smell of fish in the cooler
maybe there's a Corona and a lime
typical but alright
and oh
here comes darkness
the stars will put on a show.

Enchanted is my son
falling asleep on me
while we lie on the couch
his head on my chest
the smell of his hair
good and dirty from the day
the coarseness of it crunching against my kisses
he rises and falls
to rain sounds on his Echo
finds slumber so easily
oh wait that's the pill.

Enchanted is this
the words rolling
I dreaded this I don't know if it's any good
and I don't fucking care
as long as I don't dream tonight
and sleep finds me
puts me down gently
lets me fall asleep on her
kisses my hair
wraps her legs around me
puts on Hurt by Johnny Cash.

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