Jimmy Johnson – Finally Happy

This is a neat article about former football coach turned TV analyst, Jimmy Johnson. He’s not the center of attention anymore and he loves it. In the offseason he only wears pants maybe 3 times. I wish I could say that about half of the year. Not being completely pantsless, of course. I would wear shorts.

Jimmy Johnson living in luxury with football a distant memory – Football – MiamiHerald.com.

The Church of Frank


And a convo I had with a friend. The \ are where the IM broke to a new line.

My Friend: Do you think you were ever meant to live a different life, maybe in a different period of history?

Me: Sometimes i think i would have liked to have lived in another time/but i never think i was meant for it/because i don’t believe in meaning/meaning is a trick put there by our hearts when we feel lost and we look for reason, because reason /is one of those things that we’re sorta trained to believe is solid and heavy and good and man, /well, if we and reason are connected, then we’re special Continue reading “The Church of Frank”

This is the shape of my head tonight

shape of my head 4-29-09

Dropped the bike off for its first service today, and it’ll be 400 beans for them to do things I could do without, I’m sure. Very nice lady at the service counter, though. She somehow managed to appear at the back of the shop before me, even though I’m pretty sure I started heading over there before her. I might be scared of this woman, except for her gorgeous greenbluegray eyes, which draw you in, like free money. In other news, the Heat lost. Dwyane Wade got knocked the fuck out a couple times, but to be honest, he looked like he was hamming it up. I wish PJ Brown was still on the team so I’d know with a certainty that someone from the other team was going to be flipped over. Gotta figure out what to do this weekend if I don’t win the lotto tonight. Speaking of which… (goes off to check tickets)

Looks like I’ll be going to work tomorrow. Same old nothing. But the weekend, perhaps the weekend can be greenbluegray eyes for me versus the vacant dull brown half open orbs that are the work week.



Been riding the past couple weekends. We went to Key Largo last weekend. A ride that should’ve taken us till mid-afternoon round trip, ended with me closing my fence at around 7:30 in the evening. Lou’s bike wouldn’t start once he arrived at the rendezvous, so we jumped the battery, and followed him home to make sure he got there ok. We went to Carraba’s for lunch and jumped on the turnpike for the ride South, where my bike proceeded to stop three times; because I’m unintelligent. Turns out the bike was low on gas and all I had to do was hit the reserve switch. Off we went to refill on gas, and head on down to Largo. Originally we were going to take Card Sound Road and head to Alabama Jack’s, but we already had food in our bellies, so we took the main road, which I can never remember if it’s US-1 or if it has some special beachy name.

By the way, I’m going to say it, I don’t care who’s listening: Ricky, you’re not going in the front anymore. You ride too slow and when you’re in the middle, you leave too much of a gap. You’re going in the back and you’ll catch up when you can.

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