Great Bill Simmons Article-Almost Famous & B-Ball

I don’t have any (maybe Luke) friends that do all of the following: enjoy the NBA, loved Almost Famous, and can appreciate good writing. This article is all of these things. Oh, imaginary friend, where are you? Do you want to straight cuddle?

Bill Simmons recaps the NBA offseason so far, using quotes from his favorite movie of the decade, “Almost Famous.” – ESPN.

In My Own Arms is the reason for the season

the worst that can happen
ain’t death, debt, and taxes
i tell you
it’s getting raped and eaten by a bear
foot appetizer
claws and roar at yer back
teeth splitting the pimples
on your shoulder

so i get up
drink water
at 2 17 in the morning
high off the fight
5 hours ago
look out the window
and man i WANT someone
coming over that fence
need a reason for the machete

but it’s wet black quiet
and in the shadows
i know humidity waits
for the sunrise
and that’s ok
cause it’s may in miami
and survival is finding
moments of cool:
90 mph on my arms
the hairs
a million record player needles
scratching out
a song that starts
with a big fucking


I have another website for no good reason, to be honest, at The idea is that this is a place for me and my intarnetz friends to post creative works. Right now, all I’m posting on there is a comic “book” I’m doing with my friend, Chris Turner. It’s called Sparks and it’s a superhero dealie. I can’t go into more details because the story is unfolding. Pages 1, 2, and 3 can be found by clicking on those numbers. We’re trying to do a page a week, but we’re behind by a couple weeks already because I started late. I’m on the 1’s and 2’s with writing and drawing skills. Chris Turner is rolling on the 3’s and 4’s with color and lettering duties.

The Sun Storm

Me: Listen, I’ll be honest. I want you to go to school and I want some beautiful girl to corrupt you and I want you to fall in love and have your heart broken and be miserable and fail classes and get drunk and find out why it REALLY sucks to get drunk, not because your grandfather was an alcoholic, and I want you to come out of the other side of all that, with love, and darkness, and your sidearm, and I want you to blow everyone away. Or you can stay with the arduinos and know what comes. Youth is so much about fucking up. Life is. It’s just more expensive when you’re older lol.

You: You want life to come and schmuck me upside the head while I’m looking the other way, eh?

Me: Nah, man. I want your eyes to be wide open for it. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, man. The worst thing that can happen in your life is torture. Death is quick. Sudden. Like a light switch. Debt? Poverty? You got 2 families with homes.  You are also not illiterate. You could work at a mall. You could kill yourself. You could be a bus driver. You could WIN! You could have an art gallery showing. You could marry a rich girl and be into money.

You: Mm, sign me up for that one.

Me: You could wake up one day, drunken alcoholic, look down, and think, man, these shoes aren’t mine. It’s a long way from a beer to a blackout. From starting college to graduation. From now till the sun storm.